California Environmental Quality Act

Wallace Environmental Consulting provides comprehensive, cost-effective  California Environmental Quality Act  (CEQA)  services for California cities, counties and other local agencies. Wallace has experience with the full range of CEQA documents and in scoping and managing the CEQA process. Wallace Environmental understands that the CEQA process is a vital component of local planning and development but in the end a steppingstone to project implementation.

Wallace Environmental has provided CEQA services for a wide-range of lead agency-sponsored projects including urban infrastructure and solid waste recycling and disposal projects, among others, in urban and rural settings throughout northern California. This work has included EIRs, Negative Declarations and exemption reviews for master plans, specific plans and the individual projects envisioned in these documents. Wallace Environmental brings to each of its CEQA assignments an in-depth understanding of related regulations and standards, and of the intertwined state and local traffic, noise, natural resource and other environmental issues, including concerns related to global climate change.


  • Categorical Exemptions
  • Initial Study/Negative Declarations
  • Focused EIRs
  • Program EIRs
  • Master EIRs
  • Supplemental EIRs
  • Maximizing Use of Previous CEQA Documents
  • Tiering Documents
  • Third-Party Review
  • Cumulative Impact Analysis
  • Mitigation Options, Effectiveness
  • Mitigation Monitoring Plans
  • Mitigation Monitoring
  • CEQA Administration, Process Management
  • Scoping and Public Involvement
  • Interagency Coordination
  • CEQA Findings, Statements of Overriding Considerations